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If you love playing bingo, we have reviewed the newest sites in the market for. It is becoming popular due to the bingo bonus, free spins without deposits, and the ability to retain zero wagering on your winnings. However, the benefits and rates are different from one lottery to another. We have prepared a list of the best lottery sites on our page.

Casinos with New Bingo Games - Start Playing Now!
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How to Play Bingo

Playing bingo is fun and straightforward for new and experienced players. You can play either manually using a paper or electronically from your mobile device. For the latter, you will need to deposit some funds if you are competing to win real money. You will then buy dabbers from your preferred lottery. Your bingo book will have 15 numbers from 1 to 90. They are grouped in different columns from left to right. You will mark or select the numbers when called out.

You will become the winner if you manage to get a full house or line before anyone else or the dealer manages to do so.

Different Types of Bingo Variations

Below is the list of most common types of bingo variations available for playing:

Traditional American Bingo

It entails a grid with five rows and columns and is played with 75 balls.

British Bingo

It is quite a phenomenon in the UK and uses 90 numbers. It has 27 available spaces rather than 25. A row has five numbers with four empty spots, while a column has only three numbers.

Online Bingo

It is played on a four by four grid with 80 balls.

Others include:

  • Hexabingo- 27 Ball Bingo
  • Virtual- 49 Ball Bingo
  • The Bingo Ball- 80 Ball
  • Deal or No Deal 90- Ball

Improved Security of Bingo Sites

Bingo sites maintain a high level of security and encryption. The latter helps protect the data that you send, receive, or store from unauthorized access such as hackers. It is also used for safeguarding banking or money transfer information. Only the lottery service provider and the user can access details of the account. Lottery sites use it as a way of protecting valuable, sensitive information.

Bingo sites collect a lot of personal data such as customer details, and transactions, among others, they all need protection to avoid misuse by third parties for fraudulent activities like phishing scams and online fraud.

Fair Bingo Games

The case of fraud and scamming is increasing every day as new technology trends emerge. That is why you should play bingo at places that you are familiar with, like secure websites. It is one way of guaranteeing that you are not getting scammed to lose your hard-earned money. Other credible places that you can play bingo include such places as community centers and charitable organizations, TVs, traditional casinos, among many others.

Always ensure that you can acknowledge and verify the credibility of the bingo services provider. If you fail to recognize them or verify their authenticity, then it is better to avoid playing.

Trusted Bingo Sites

It is advisable to always play bingo at sites that are fully authorized and licensed by the relevant government authorities. One way of ensuring that is by checking their license details, which should be displayed at the bottom navigation screen on the site. The features of the license include name, registration country, certificate number, license timeframe, among others. You should also manage to establish details like organization operating the license and the licensing authority of government from that particular country.

You can also check the game providers such as Microgaming, Net Ent, and NextGen. They only operate with licensed companies!

History of Bingo

Bingo has a rich history as it can be traced all the way back to the 1500s. It emerged at a lottery famously known as "Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia, in Italy in 1530. It is still played there every Saturday until now! The game would enter the French borders in the 1770s. It was referred to as "Le Lotto" and was played by the wealthy Frenchmen only.

The game spread to Germany in the 1800s, although they believed it was for young kids and students. It would arrive in North America in 1929, where they called it 'beano.' It would then be played first in the USA in Atlanta, Georgia.

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