RTP is an acronym for Return to Player, and is also known as payout ratio or payout percentage. It is a term used in new casinos online and traditional casinos to describe the percentage or sum of all the wagered money a slot machine or VLT (Video Lottery Terminal) will pay back to players over time.

If a game has an RTP or payout percentage of, for instance, 98%, then the casino will pay out $98 for every $100 wagered on average. There's a possibility that the RTP for a game can change with time due to software updates and updates that the developer makes to the game.

Top Online Casino Games for Rookies in 2023

Top Online Casino Games for Rookies in 2023

Online casino games come in varying styles and rules. Now this means finding the best casino games for beginners can be more technical than it seems. Players must consider features like the game rules, return to player, stake levels, and more.