April 4, 2023

New Casino Games That You Must Try in 2023

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People have been playing games in online casinos, and it is not getting out of fashion as new games are coming right away. There are tons of casino enthusiasts who await new games to play, and many of them just have a different theme which is exactly what they are looking for. It is not about just playing the game now. It is about playing it with different themes and stories. 

New Casino Games That You Must Try in 2023

The Best New Casino Games

If you came here looking for some new unique games to play in a casino, then you are certainly in the right place. This article is dedicated to the top 10 new casino games you must play in 2023. Keep reading until the end if you want to know more. So, let’s get started without wasting any time.

8 Immortals Instant Win

The first one on our list is a Slot that goes by the name 8 Immortalos Instant Wish, which seems pretty unique just by its name. There are several ways to win the massive jackpot on the 8 Immortals slot, which offers players a chance to earn more than £220,000.

The multi-tiered, progressive jackpot with three tiers is one of the methods to win.  While playing the game, players will notice a bonus known as the Dragon Shield Bonus, which appears to be catchy. So, let’s see what this bonus is all about.

  • First of all, keep in mind that the Dragon Shield Bonus is nothing like a randomly triggered bonus.
  • It is a bonus that will trigger a bonus game when it is collected from the grid position by the spinner. 
  • The spinner chooses an Immortals icon at random after collecting the bonus icon symbol. 
  • For the remaining spins, this will be multiplied by two on the grid, which might result in an extra bonus on top of your return.

Book of 666

The next one we have is the Book of 666. The objective is to gain the winning symbol combinations. Players must keep in mind that if they want to win bigger payouts, they will need to get better symbol combinations. The Hellstack Spin feature begins when the enormous 666 symbols appear in the middle of the reels. A further respin round will be given to you.

The Hellstack Spin is undoubtedly one of the best features of the game, so let's see what it has to offer. 

  • This is when the Hellstack Spin feature can be triggered in any spin in the main game. 
  • All of the usual symbols are eliminated from the reels during the respin. 
  • The 666 symbols are extended to fill all the spaces on their respective reels when this unique symbol has been chosen from among the ordinary ones.

Red Dog

If you are a new player, you might have never heard of a casino game named Red Dog. Well, Red Dog is one of the best games you can play as a beginner. It is a simple yet interesting game that doesn't require much thought, meaning there aren’t many complications. Although its popularity has slightly decreased recently, this game was highly well-liked a few decades ago. 

Red Dog only utilizes three cards at a time. Therefore, it is extremely easy to understand. Aces are always high, regardless of the card's suit. Simple is the aim. You place a wager on whether or not you believe the middle card's rank is between the rankings of the two face-up cards. Additionally, you have the choice to increase your wager and potentially play for two times as much money.

Red Dog is not exactly a new casino game, but for new players, it can be one, and even if you are not new and you haven't played this game, then do give it a try.

5 Wishes

The next on our list is 5 wishes. One of RTG's most well-known online slot machines is 5 Wishes. It has 25 paylines, 3 rows, and 5 reels. The game features an Aladdin theme with a strong Middle Eastern vibe to it. With a large win on this jackpot slot, you may win 5,000 times your initial bet. The most you can risk is $25. A player may win up to $125k in total. The corporation also included two random progressive jackpots, one worth $500 and the other worth $1,000, to further sweeten the deal.

Cyberpunk City

The Cyberpunk City is the fifth one on our list, and Cyberpunk 2077 or Cyberpunk Edgerunners fans must give this casino game a try. The 100k+ jackpot rewards offered by the intriguing slot machine Cyberpunk City are now impressive. It has five reels, three rows, twenty paylines, and a ridiculously cheap minimum wager of just one cent.

Along with growing wilds and random jackpot payouts, the game also provides free spins. On the third reel, expanding wilds appear and may be used to substitute any symbol. Moreover, the design of the game is extremely gorgeous, so you should give it a try.

Video Poker

Video poker is not exactly a new game, but it often gets ignored because of traditional poker. Video Poker is a great game, and players should give it a try as it gives a unique experience. It is a unique casino game that combines aspects of both slots and traditional poker. The outcome of each deal is determined by an RNG (Random Number Generator), just like slot machines do.

Mercenary X

Mercenary X is another Slot game, as Slots are fun to play and easy to understand. Plus, most of the cool and unique themes are available in only slots. Players can play Mercenary X from as little as £0.20 up to a maximum stake of £100, and they have the chance to win up to 5,000 times their entire bet. 

There are many unique features in this game. You will get extra chances to win prizes, free spins, and multipliers.

Call of The Samba

Call of The Samba is a great slot where you can earn jackpot tickets. The jackpot increases thanks to the weekly and community jackpots, so if your ticket is drawn, you could win up to £10,000. Moreover, there is a great feature known as Wild Carnival, which allows players to win more.

On any random spin of this slot, the Wild Carnival feature might activate. 

  • It may add up to 15 wilds or multiplier wilds to the reels if it is activated. 
  • When there are many multiplier wilds on a given pay line, they will all combine. 
  • The multiplier, as a consequence, will be the total of all individual multipliers starting at a multiple of two or more.

Apocalypse Returns Infectious X

Apocalypse Returns Infectious X is a great game where you can win 5k times your total bet, which is totally insane. You may use the xWays function on the Apocalypse Returns slot machine to improve your overall slot-playing experience. The main game's xWays feature is activated by the xWays symbol, which can appear anywhere between reels 2 and 4, as well as during free spins.

The regular symbols that are chosen at random replace all of the xWays symbols. Additionally, these symbols are 2, 3, or 4 times as tall as regular cells. This implies that when you play this slot machine, you'll have more opportunities to win increasingly larger jackpots.


Let’s end the list with one of the most popular games, Omaha. In terms of worldwide popularity, Omaha poker is in second place, right after the Texas Hold'em poker variation. It has significantly expanded during the past ten years, mostly as a result of its internet popularity. Pot-limit Omaha and Omaha hi-lo are the two most common variations of Omaha poker. However, there are many more.

Two to ten poker players can participate in Omaha, which is played on a conventional 52-card deck. Omaha uses the same format for each round, like the majority of other poker variants.


These are the top 10 new casino games that you must play in 2023. Even if you are not a new player, you can still play those games, and you are sure to enjoy them. That being said, the themed games with unique names that are discussed in this article are really interesting to play. They are easy to play and follow, so go on and select your favorite game among these 10. More info about the best new casino games on CasinoRank!

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